Fiqh exhibition by ISED offers insight into Islamic rulings

By Shaireza Jaafar

GOMBAK, 15 January 2024: The Council of Islamic Education students (CIES) organised an exhibition called “Fiqh Exhibition” that involved four Fiqh courses on 12 January 2024 in Wadi Budi of IIUM Gombak.

The exhibition featured a special session by the Assistant Mufti of the Federal Territory’s Office of Malaysia, Dr. Syed Shahrudzan bin Syed Mohamed, who explained the Fatwa system in Malaysia as well as highlighted some contemporary Fatwa issues that had arisen.

Dr. Syed Shahrudzan shared on the Fatwa system in Malaysia.

The exhibition is a collaboration between CIES and Fiqh courses mainly Fiqh Ibadat, Fiqh Jinayat, Fiqh Usrah & Muamalat, and Fiqh Sirah in transcending the confines of a typical class presentation into an insightful exhibition.

The Bachelor of Education program, specialising in Islamic Education (ISED) lecturer, Dr. Abdul Gafur Ariffin mentioned, “This exhibition aims to bring into prominence Islamic education by providing the audience a voyage into all facets of Islamic rulings.”

In clarifying the need to conduct an exhibition, Dr. Gafur mentioned that the exhibition was the students’ assessment with marks taken from 10 jurors assigned from among ISED lecturers and officers from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) based on the clarity, creativity, and the booths displayed.

“Not only can our students master what they had learned in class, but they can also practice and demonstrate their teaching skills when they engage with the audience as a stepping stone to becoming effective teachers in the future,” he added.

The topics covered in the exhibition included Islamic practices (Ibadat), Islamic criminal law (Jinayat), family and marriage (Usrah & Muamalat), and the history of the Prophet (PBUH) (Sirah) with each booth displaying interactive games for the audience to participate and engage in. 

Moreover, the exhibition also involved students from the Teaching Arabic as Second Language (TASL) program who pursued the Fiqh courses and were tasked to work collaboratively with the ISED students in bringing the exhibition to life.

In unveiling the behind-the-scenes process, the program manager, Muhammad Aqeel Arham bin Mohamad Asri, shared, “the exhibition is a successful one because it is with the hard work and dedication from CIES community that we were finally able to realise it.”

“We hope to expand this exhibition in the future by collaborating with other Kulliyahs and perhaps other universities, plus ensuring its impact towards society,” Dr. Gafur concluded at the end of the interview.***