Ramadan, a blessed month to ‘Tahsin’ Al-Quran recitation

By Liana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 24 May 2018: Inspired by the blessings of Ramadan with the ten times’ rewards for every good deed performed, the Imaratul Masjid Society is conducting a Tahsin Al-Quran programme called Complete the Incomplete from 21 to 25 May, and Quran Hour scheduled on 7 June, at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (SHAS) Mosque, IIUM Gombak.

As part of the Ihya’ Ramadan programme, the aim is to give a chance for believers to enlighten the mosque with the spirit of the Al-Quran and to encourage the people to keep engaged with the mosque.

The president of the i-Masjid, Mohamad Izzuddin Mohamad Rafi, said, “This is one of our responsibilities to encourage Muslims to be closer with the mosque and to motivate them to recite and understand the Al-Quran, which was revealed during this holy month of Ramadan, besides the rewards which are countless.”

One of the committee members, Nur Amalina Mohd. Yusof reminded, “It is important for Muslims to have high fluency in tilawah because it will help us read the Quran consistently as our life and the Al-Quran could not be separated.”

According to Izzuddin, the participants will be guided by the i-Masjid mainboard community of the Ihya’ Ramadan programme and the staff of SHAS Mosque.

“Iftar will be provided everyday, and sahur on weekend and last 10 days of Ramadan. Meanwhile, iktikaf registration will be open on 26 to 27 May and 2 to 10 June,” Izzuddin added.

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