39th IIUM Convocation: IIUM TV’s debut

By Dinda Aisyah and Faiqa Dzakira

GOMBAK, 6 December 2023: This year’s 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony would not have been complete without the presence of IIUM TV that successfully broadcasted nine live sessions throughout the event. As the Director of IIUM TV and taking part in the live sessions as the Producer, Studio Director and also one of the hosts, Maghrib Razak, was honoured that IIUM TV took part in the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony, IIUM Gombak, for the first time in recent years.

IIUM TV Advisor, Dr. Harmi Taazim Mohamad took part in the event as the Director of the Office for Communication, Advocacy and Promotion (OCAP), and at the same time, he was the Chairperson of the committee organising the Convocation Ceremony, that had been wanting IIUM TV to broadcast the huge event. This year, the Convocation Ceremony’s live session brought by IIUM TV was a success.

In the past years, the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony live broadcast was usually handled by OCAP, because it is a big event and it represents the image of the IIUM needing its coverage.

IIUM TV interviewed a graduand during a 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony’s live session.

Maghrib expressed in an interview with IIUM Today, “We have to train the inexperienced members quickly, also some of the hosts were not even part of IIUM TV, but surprisingly and alhamdulillah it works so smoothly.”

“Some of their crew just joined IIUM TV and haven’t even entered the studio at all, but there were no technical problems at all,” he added.

Furthermore, he explained other challenges because it occurred during the midsemester break, therefore they had limited manpower and a short time to prepare.

The Assistant Producer and also one of the hosts, Izzah binti Rahmat remarked, “Mistakes would occur no matter how well you prepare, but you just have to be smart enough to cover it until it doesn’t seem too bad.”

Maghrib also mentioned that he was thankful to the team who was able to adapt and learn quickly under high pressure and was able to make the live session a success.

IIUM TV live session committees carrying out their responsibilities.

Taking the position as camera operator, runner, and being part of the multimedia team at the same time, Saidahtul Aqmar binti Abdul Kayum Khan and Hanif Ibrahim agreed that this event makes them earn more experiences and they can learn a lot as it is something new to them. “I feel like this is an interesting and new experience for me,” Hanif mentioned.

“I am really happy and it is such a great honour to be taken part in this huge programme at a university level, I learned a lot, and it made me realise my passion,” said one of the hosts, Janani Arifah Binti Mohamed Jalaludeen.

Janani mentioned they have to be as perfect as possible. IIUM TV got an opportunity to have an interview session with the Deputy Dean, Head of Department, Office of Security and Management (OSEM), and STANEX IIUM (Stall and Exhibition).

IIUM TV and IIUM FM collaborating as the host of a live session.

Maghrib suggested to continue the live session in the upcoming convocation, encouraging students to try to push further, try to be part of bigger events, and maybe this is the opportunity to not just stay in their studio, and to get new experiences. “For anyone who’s scared to try something new, do it scared! Opportunities won’t always be there for you,” Izzah added.

He advised that in the next convocation ceremonies all societies under the Department of Communication namely, IIUM Today, IIUM FM should collaborate.

The live sessions were broadcasted on IIUM TV’s YouTube channel during the 5-day Convocation Ceremony. It was conducted from Saturday to Wednesday (25th – 29 November 2023) for a total of nine sessions that took place at the Banquet Hall, IIUM Gombak.***