DELL Youth Research Seminar 3.0 spotlights students’ hard work

By, Shaireza Jaafar

GOMBAK, 22 June 2024: The third edition of The Youth Research Seminar, held by the Department of English Language and Literature (DELL) in tandem with the Secretariat of English Language and Literature (ELITS), came to success on Friday (21 June) through the Microsoft Teams platform.

The seminar serves as a platform for final-year students to proudly present their final-year project (FYP) which they had diligently worked on for a year.

In addition, the seminar also aims to infuse inspiration among third year students who are about to embark on their FYP journey.

“I hope this seminar would provide valuable insights for students who are seeking FYP ideas,” expressed the Head of Department, Dr. Tanja Jonid in the opening remarks.

Anchored on “Contemporary Studies in Linguistics and Literature,” the two-hour event explored the body of works from six presenters, on the different genres of novels, tales, short stories, and poetries by utilising different literary frameworks, showcasing students’ critical ability in analysing literary works.

The seminar also emphasised the importance for third years students in carefully selecting their topic of interest as they will put an arduous effort into a year-long of research.

“I appreciate the initiative made by ELITS in keeping the seminar as an annual event and hope we can expand this seminar in future,” mentioned Dr. Tanja.

The six presenters included Dhiya Damia binti Zuhairul, Nik Liyana binti Nik Ahmad Zahid, Siti Sarah Sofea binti Norazman, Nurul Nabihah binti Azmi, Ha Mi Da, and Izzah Husna binti Mustapha.***