FLIC takes students to experience the publication process at Jejak Tarbiah

By Shaireza Jaafar

GOMBAK, 23 December 2023: Friends of the Library Club (FLIC) of the IIUM arranged an educational trip for students to immerse in the publication realm at Jejak Tarbiah publishing house called JEJAK Buku & Kopi located in Kajang, Selangor, today.

JEJAK Buku & Kopi is a third-storey shop lot which is only a month old under the publishing house of Jejak Tarbiah and Jiwa that sells various genres of books ranging from fantasy, fiction, horror, religious, travelogue, and other more popular literature.

Because this bookshop serves as both an office and a repository, it offers participants a firsthand experience into the dynamic world of publication while exploring the behind-the-scenes of every shiny book on display.

In an interview, the president of FLIC, Muhammad Ashraf bin Azammudin explains, “this trip aims to expose students to the career routes within the publication industry while also enhancing engagements among students with the club.”

Students get an insight into the editorial process

While touring the bookshop, participants had the opportunity to meet with staff like the editor who humbly explained about his work routine from approving the manuscript to editing to illustrating to designing and finally realising it to a book.

CEO of JT, Saadiah binti Ali unveiling the story of the publication house

Historically, when asked about the birth of Jejak Tarbiah, the CEO herself, Saadiah binti Ali stated, “It all begins from the unwavering passion I had towards books which align with the vision of this house, popularising knowledge and virtue.”

Lingered with the aroma of coffee beans from every corner, JEJAK Buku & Kopi liaise with Monti Keopi, a local coffee brand. This adds to their uniqueness as a bookshop and a “healing” spot for readers to enjoy coffee while flicking through the pages of their books.

“With this trip, we have fulfilled the club’s motto, fun, literature, and camaraderie. I hope the participants gain new insights and hope they can share their experiences with their friends,” Ashraf asserted.

The trip ended with a Question-and-Answer (Q&A) session and a token of appreciation for Jejak Tarbiah.

The address of Jejak Tarbiah is: No. 8-G, Jalan 2A/8, Bandar Bukit Mahkota, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. The operating hours are: Opens daily from 10am to 10pm.***

Jejak Buku & Kopi in Kajang, Selangor