Palestinian IIUM graduate reflects on transformative journey and gives heartfelt message to his people

By Sarah Jamil

GOMBAK, 28 NOVEMBER 2023: “Definitely on each journey it’s a must to have struggles on your way to success but the secret is to keep on going towards achieving your goals,” said Palestinian graduate, Yassin Obada.

Yassin was a student at the Kulliyyah of Engineering, who majored in Biochemical-Biotechnology. He was awarded an engineering degree with honours in the fourth session of the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony on Monday morning (27 November 2023) at IIUM Gombak.

In an interview with IIUM Today, he shared his insight throughout his journey at the IIUM. The experience was made up of a mixture of good and challenging memories in his six years as a Palestinian student in Malaysia. With the support of his family and friends in Malaysia he gained his motivation to study and determination to achieve his goals.

At the same time, he expressed his worry of his people back in his homeland, in the current situation.

“It feels so sad and heart breaking to know and see everything bad happening to my Palestinian people, but we need to be strong as we need to support them in every possible way and to always remember them in our prayers,” he mentioned.

“We (Palestinians) will be always be beside our Palestinian people as long they are still fighting to get their freedom and liberation back from this occupation,” said Yassin.

In a heartfelt message to the people of Palestine, Yassin was grateful for their resilience and pledged his ongoing solidatary with them until today.***