39th IIUM Convocation: Award winner Hasnur Insyirah on the essence of being a khalifa

By Athira ABD Latiff

GOMBAK, 27 November 2023: As khalifahs of the IIUM, one’s amanah along with the beautiful journey of pursuing the essence of being a khalifa comes with its challenges and hurdles, said Hasnur Insyirah binti Hasnul Hadi, a winner of the Kulliyyah Level Award.

Hasnur Insyirah from the Kulliyyah of Education mentioned this in her valedictorian speech in the third session of the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony at IIUM Gombak, yesterday (26 November 2023).

She believed that graduates are also the essence of lifelong learners and pioneers of knowledge as a result of being khalifas

“Our obstacles, challenges, hurdles, and tough times are inevitable. But how we go through it depends a lot on how loyal we are to our own principles,” she emphasized.

Hasnur added that one as khalifa requires a lot of persistence, passion, and dedication in the pursuit of knowledge and its application.

“As a Muslim, these values are within us, thus, developing and impacting other khalifas is the responsibility of everyone,” she said.

She further highlighted, “Everyone is bound to be a leader even if it is for themselves, individual effort is never a one-person show.”

“A khalifah should have a circle of support surrounded by great minds and should be able to go beyond reachable heights,” she added.

Hasnur took the opportunity to express her endless gratitude to her parents, siblings, friends, and teachers who helped and supported her throughout the toughest and sweetest moments of her educational journey. ***