AIKOL Mini-Library comes under scrutiny

The Kulliyyah of Law’s administration unit comes under scrutiny as their decision to close down the AIKOL cafe in replacement for a mini library is seen as unreasonable.

AIKOL SRC Representative, Sharina Farhana Nor Sa’ari expressed her views yesterday, stating that the decision to close the cafeteria is causing severe inconvenience to students who now have to resort to the Economics cafeteria to get their meals.

This is particularly a problem during lunch hour where the crowd is heavily dense.

The proposal from the Food, Facilities and Services Department (FFSD) and the Law Students’ Society (LAWSOC) to open up a temporary cafeteria in front of the Moot Court has been rejected by the administration, according to Sharina.

The administration felt it was not suitable and thought that a proper cafeteria would be a better alternative. However, this idea would take cost and time to be realised.

Sharina personally requested for the administration to put a hold on the mini library project until an alternative cafeteria can be provided.

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