IRKSS Family Day 2014

RK Fest 2014 closed the ceremony with their last event, IRKSS Family Day 2014, yesterday.

The event, made compulsory for IRK students, was also open for students from other Kuliyyahs.

Four outdoor games that were conducted yesterday: Dodge ball, Water balloon, “Bowling kampung”, and lastly, “Dadu gergasi”.

Due to the rainy weather yesterday, the event was delayed, and the venue changed from the Female sport complex mini track to the multipurpose hall corridor.

Not many students came to participate in the event and those who did were mostly students from the kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge.



Students of Islamic Revealed Knowledge, Wan Aizat and Safiyyah Ayuni, who were the programme coordinators for the event, said that the purpose for the event is to strengthen the Ukhuwah between the juniors and seniors of IRK student and also among the IIUM students.

They also said that they wanted to create a culture where even woman can also play outdoor activities.

Each game was carried out smoothly and more than 30 students participated in each of the games.

The committee of this event hoped that this event able to create a great memories for all the 1st year students.

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