Mustafa Davis, world renowned photographer, in IIUM

The inspiring event titled ‘Through the lens of Mustapha Davis (Malcolm X: Life, Legacy & Lesson) took place at International Islamic University of Malaysia last Friday.

The event, a community program organized by Crescent Collective, was a screening and talk conducted by the world- renowned photographer, Mustafa Davis.

Mustapha, a Californian native, is in Malaysia to do a short tour of his films and to conduct film and photography workshops.

The event which begun at 8.30 P.M took place at the Kuliyyah of Education LT2.

The hall was filled with audience who wanted to know more about the popular photographer and filmmaker, Mustapha Davis, while at the same time learning about the life and the contributions of Malcolm X.

The event begun with a poem recitation by Mahmood, a student from the Kuliyyah of Engineering who told the crowd that he was inspired to write the poem in the memory of a boy named Hamza Khatib from Palestine.

Later, the screening of two short films ‘Passing the Baton’ and ‘Prison Blues’ which were produced by Mustapha himself were shown to the audience.

Among the things that Mustapha shared was that his major objective producing these short-films was to give voice to the voiceless.

Mustapha Davis also shared with the audience regarding his life before his revert and what made him keen to know more about Islam that lead him to convert to the religion of Allah.

The talk was considered a success as many turnout and showed support.

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