Run 4 Peace

by Nurshafiqah Sapie (BENL, IRKHS)

The Run 4 Peace marathon attracted over a thousand participants coming from the world over including Kenya and America, where participants from the former country clocked the fastest time for the 10km race.

The marathon was organised to create awareness of the plight of the Syrians in a time of war, whilst at the same time to raise funds to support Syrian refugees.

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Nur Diana, a Psychology student from IIUM who had ran the 5.5km race, said that the marathon was a good way to create awareness of the difficulties of the Syrians in a time of crisis to people of other religions.

Another participant who also ran the 5 click Fun race in the marathon, Amirah Qistina from the Department of English Language and Literature from IIUM, lauded the great efforts of the committee members for organizing the great event without a hitch.

She believed that the marathon had achieved its objective of getting people of all races and religions together in support for a humanitarian issue.

The marathon opened 8 categories for the marathon for 2 distances, the 10km race and the 5.5km race. The event was held at the IIUM Stadium, Gombak.

The Run For Peace 2014 marathon was organised by Mahallah Salahuddin Al-Ayubi in collaboration with IKRAM Gombak.


Image credits to IKRAM Siswa UIAM Gombak. Click here for more images.

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