‘Laila Majnun’ musical performances in the IIUM, May and June 2024

By Nur Najia Nazri

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 April 2024: “Laila Majnun” is an upcoming theatre performance which will be held from 30 May until 1 June 2024 by the IIUM Theatre Club (ITC) in collaboration with the IIUM Malay Language and Literature Club (MALLIC) and the IIUM Nafastari Dance Club, with the participation of students from SMK Taman Melawati as an ensemble. 

These clubs will host the three-day musical in the Main Auditorium, IIUM Gombak. 

“Laila Majnun” is a classic love story originating from ancient Arabia and revolves around Laila and Qays (Majnun). Hindered by societal expectations, Laila is coerced into an arranged marriage against her will to preserve Majnun’s life. 

The narrative explores the complexities of love, commitment, and societal norms. It aims to delve into the profound connection between Laila and Majnun, exploring the depth of their love and the challenges they face in expressing and maintaining it. 

In Sufi literature, Laila and Majnun’s love is often portrayed as a metaphor for the soul’s yearning for the divine. The appeal of “Laila and Majnun” lies in its ability to resonate with audiences across cultures and periods, as it speaks to the timeless and often tumultuous nature of human relationships. 

Adapted in various forms, including poetry and music, it remains one of the world’s most enduring love stories

If you are interested in witnessing the story of Laila and Majnun, you can attend the musical performance which will take place from 30 May to 1 June 2024. The tragic musical play of undying love will surely entertain and supply emotional catharsis for you. 

To purchase the tickets priced from RM10 to RM30 (based on the seat), please scan the QR code featured in the poster above or click this link: https://shorturl.at/lmLMV.  Tickets purchased before 16 April 2024 will get 15 percent off!

Here are the seating details with the price:

1) Qutaybah (RM10)
2) Amir (RM15)
3) Khamsa (RM20)
4) Afghani (RM25)
5) Nizami (RM30)

Secure your tickets today and join us for a classic love story in musical theatre at IIUM Gombak. Lastly, any inquiries regarding the play can be made by contacting the persons in charge through Whatsapp @ www.wasap.my/601153571709 (Br. Sharis) or www.wasap.my/60172423479 (Sr. Fatin Aina)***