39th IIUM Convocation: ‘Experience at IIUM FM proves that Communication is my passion,’ says former Station Manager, Ameer Ihsan

By Nabila Ereesha Nasir

GOMBAK, 1 December 2023: Former Station Manager of IIUM FM, Ameer Ihsan bin Ali Taufek, confessed in an interview with IIUM Today that taking a Communication degree was not his first choice. However, after joining IIUM FM and showcasing his public speaking skills, he realised that Communication was his true passion. 

Ameer, who specialized in Strategic Communication, had received his scroll on 28 November 2023 (Tuesday) for completing his Bachelor of Human Sciences in Communication (Honours) degree at AbdulHamid AbuSulayman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (AHAS KIRKHS). He was conferred his degree in the seventh session of the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony that was held at the IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC) of IIUM Gombak.

“IIUM FM can give us very good exposure because it gives us the opportunity to know ourselves better at every level,” Ameer explained. 

He then summarised his experience working as the IIUM FM Station Manager, where he gained a lot of management and decision-making experience despite initially believing he lacked the necessary skills. Nevertheless, he learned and gained knowledge over time, particularly when Madam Zarita Binti Kassim joined as Advisor. 

By having practical experience at IIUM FM, “I believe can increase our sense of self-esteem and confidence, which in turn can help us become more creative in our speech delivery and allow us to speak in front of audiences more effectively.” 

Ameer also talked about his struggles as a student, specifically the times when he did not have many friends that could lend him support and during these times, he experienced demotivation.

“I went through all the struggles with getting motivation but I overcame it with the feeling that when I started something, I had to finish it because it is what makes us different and that is what makes a person successful,” he said.

He went on to encourage students who were hesitant to join societies like IIUM FM to constantly challenge themselves to explore new territories in order to discover their interests and potential. 

Ameer learned that the influence of peers was the most potent force at the IIUM. He also said, “It is on us to choose which path we want to take because at the end of the day we all will go separate ways and at the end of the day we only have ourselves so I think we need to be strong mentally, spiritually, physically in order for us to reach our goals and to have the right mindset to finish what we’ve started before.”

Finally, Ameer addressed those who had supported him in his study as he concluded his interview with IIUM Today.

“I would like to say thank you to my mom because she had been part of my support system. Maybe many people didn’t know this but my mom is a single mother, she had been my strong motivator for me to overcome all my struggles, especially throughout my study. Also not to forget my friends, special mention to Ameer Zarif, Luqman Waqiuddin, Nazhan Mustaqim and Aiman Irfan for being there for me when I needed them and also to IIUM FM, as the people there had welcomed me and appreciated me even though I was at my lowest,” ended Ameer.***