‘The only person that doubts you is yourself, so ask for Allah’s help,’ says History Best Student, Harith Naim

By Nabila Ereesha Nasir

GOMBAK, 1 December 2023: “The only person that doubts you is yourself, so seek for Allah’s help and guidance so you can achieve anything beyond your imagination,” said Muhammad Harith Naim Bin Ishak, who won the Ibn Al-Athir Award for being best student amongst History students, in an exclusive interview with IIUM Today. 

Harith Naim received the scroll for completing his Bachelor of Human Sciences in History & Civilisation (Honours) degree, at the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony. His conferment took place in the seventh session. on 28 November 2023 (Tuesday), at the IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC) of IIUM Gombak.

He described his degree journey as colourful. He was thankful for being given the opportunity to study a course that he had always been passionate about. He also recalled the times when he served for the History Department Student Secretariat (HISTFORIUM) as President and it was where he met with coursemates that shared the same interests as him. 

“During my time as President of HISTFORIUM, I was struggling while giving priority to my study and extra-curricular activities, hence I learned to plan my day properly and have a proper checklist for each of my tasks which at the end of the day resulted to a productive day,” advised Harith to students who were struggling with effective time management. 

Harith Naim highlighted that his parents had always been his backbone throughout his four years studying at the IIUM as they never stopped believing in him.

“I literally owe them everything. They are the reason for me to work hard in my studies as I wanted to make them proud of me. Even a little smile from them is a good enough reason for me to give my best,” said Harith.

Harith also mentioned that the most beautiful part of life was when he learned to believe in himself and started doing something he thought he could never do, “You never know you could do something unless you start doing it, and to start doing it, you need to believe in yourself first.”

Harith finally dedicated his Best Student Award to both of his parents, and he believed that the award was not just a result of his hard work, but it was a result of supplications made by everyone, for him.***