39th IIUM Convocation: ‘In Islamic Banking, I can see the future, says Best Student, Lee Yoke Yeng

By Rania Rusda

GOMBAK, 6 December 2023: “I feel that in Islamic Banking, I can see the future. Because in Malaysia it is still quite new, unlike commercial banking. So, I find it very interesting and pushed on with this course,” said Lee Yoke Yeng in an interview with IIUM Today

Lee was one of the Best Student Award recipients, certified in Islamic Banking and Finance by the IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF). She attained the award in the final session of the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony, on Monday morning (29 November 2023), at IIUM Gombak.

Lee had been working in Public Islamic Bank since four years ago. She found that her study on Islamic Banking helped her career and enhanced her knowledge about Islam, especially in Shariah and banking. She believed that only if she understood the Islamic Banking system better, she would pursue her career at a higher level.

“It’s very surprising that I took this study in Islamic banking, especially because I am not Muslim. Islam has always been new for me,” mentioned Lee.

“The management team in my office always motivates and encourages me and also enriches my knowledge about Islamic Banking. And thanks to my colleagues for their support and help so I can finish this course,” she stated.

The Islamic banking course, she explained, is not only focused on the Islamic banking system, but also captured other important subjects such as Marketing and Regulatory Compliance. They were very important subjects to her since they helped her work a lot in the larger Islamic banking area.

To maintain her study and work until she was awarded the title, Best Student, she shared very simple tips for future graduates.

“Continue to read and read more until we reach an understanding. Personally, if I find a new Islamic terminology or a new Arabic term, I will ask my colleagues or a person with better understanding. Or, just search on the internet will be so much help. But again, reading and asking are the most important!” she exclaimed

When when asked about obstacles and difficulties during her study, she said, it is very important to not give up on our dreams. “No matter who you are, no matter how old you are, for your dreams it is important to not give up on it. It’s all about having determination.”

Lastly, she shared her wish and hope for all future graduates, “All the best. You are our future. So, don’t give up, We are waiting for you”***