39th IIUM Convocation: Break ‘all nurses are female’ stereotype, say three male nursing graduates

By Nur Najia Nazri & Nur Shahirah Aizah

GOMBAK, 29 November 2023: Three male nursing graduates provided advice for men considering a career as a nurse but were concerned about the stereotype, “All nurses are female”.

Mukmyn bin Mohamed Najeb, Ibrahim Adham bin Nik Mahamood, and Muhammad Amirul Aiman bin Mohd Fauzi were awarded their Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) degree, in the fifth session of the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony on Monday afternoon (27 November), at IIUM Gombak. They were among the 16 male graduates out of 79 nursing graduates in total, where most were female.

The graduates relayed their engaging experiences as they attained their degree, as the minority amidst the stereotype, to IIUM Today.

Muhammad Mukmyn told IIUM Today, “You possess the ability to change the stereotype; be the individual who changes it.” 

Ibrahim, could not care less about the stereotypical issue, “Allow the stereotypes to persist; as long as you have a successful career, that is good enough for me.”

On the other hand, Amirul Aiman emphasized the idea that individuals should not be preoccupied with other people’s opinions. He expressed that as nurses, their role is essential in caring for society; equipped with the knowledge and ability to assist others. 

When asked about the inspiration behind choosing nursing as their major, Amirul Aiman and Ibrahim both stated that it was because of the good job opportunities due to the lack of male nurses in the industry.

On the contrary, Mukmyn said that nursing was his second choice but his mother, from a medical background, encouraged him to pursue nursing. agreed that being part of the minority in their batch was sometimes a hurdle.

Nevertheless, Mukmyn and Amirul Aiman concentrated on the optimistic aspect. Mukmyn cited Islamic teachings that advocate prioritising care from providers of the same gender as well as the increasing demand for male nurses. 

A consistent theme in their narratives was the crucial role of their support systems when they were studying. They acknowledged the importance of having the support of family, friends, and understanding lecturers and expressed gratitude for the assistance they received during challenging times.***