39th IIUM Convocation: Nurulaimi fulfills her dream of winning the Best Student (Overall) Award

By Syafiah Sakirin

GOMBAK, 28 November 2023: “I am very honored to make my dream come true!” said Nurulaimi Hannani Bt Mohammad, from the Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT) as she finally accomplished her dream of achieving the Best Student (Overall) Award in the third session of the 39th IIUM Convocation ceremony, on Sunday (26 November). 

The graduand who achieved a CGPA of 3.96 received the award from a member of the IIUM Board of Governors (BOG), His Excellency Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin at IIUM Gombak.

In an interview with IIUM Today, Nurulaimi admitted that she had always aspired to win the award as she witnessed her seniors receiving the honour at previous convocations.

“My goal isn’t solely about excelling in my field but also about making my family proud. This award symbolizes not just a personal achievement but also a small tribute to their relentless efforts in aiding my growth,” she shared. 

Asked regarding her tips on balancing between her study and co-curricular activities, she explained about having effective time management and setting priorities. “I allocated specific time slots for studying while leaving ample room for participation in various activities,” she told IIUM Today.

She believed that co-curricular involvement is as important as academic achievement as it enriches the overall university experience, expands networking opportunities, enhances skill development, and aids personal growth. 

“By organizing my schedule and staying committed to both academics and activities, I’ve been able to excel academically while also actively contributing to and benefiting from the broader university community,” she added

She revealed that her study routine involved prioritizing tasks to avoid missing deadlines and working on assignments promptly upon receiving them. This proactive approach ensured that she had enough time for in-depth revision.

“I also made it a habit to prepare beforehand by revising the material, allowing me to quickly grasp the content during the lesson, facilitating better comprehension and obtaining deeper engagement,” she explained.

She insisted that her guiding principles of life are deeply rooted in Islamic teachings. Islam has taught humans resilience in the face of hardships, emphasizing that every difficulty holds wisdom and purpose.

She firmly stressed that reliance on faith brings a sense of peace and assurance, knowing that returning to Allah and trusting His plans leads to the best outcomes.

As she is currently working as a Cyber Security Analyst, her immediate plan is to enhance her expertise in the field by sharpening her skills through advanced courses and hands-on projects.

“I wish to seek opportunities that will allow me to make meaningful contributions to the field of cyber security. My goal is to continuously expand my knowledge and capabilities to address the evolving challenges in cyber security and to contribute positively to this critical domain,” she said as she proudly unveiled her future plan to IIUM Today. 

When asked on her inspiring message for future graduates, she urged IIUM students to cherish every moment of university life by striving not just to excel academically but to grow holistically and nurture skills that go beyond textbooks. 

“Seize every opportunity to learn, explore, and contribute. Aim not just to graduate but to exit with a sense of accomplishment, equipped with the skills and determination to carve a path of success and impact in the world,” she concluded.***