IIUMSU President Muntasir’s mission is to collectively draft students’ future

By Qistina Rustam 

GOMBAK, 31 May 2023: To draft the future of IIUM students together is one of Ahmad Muntasir Bin Aznan main missions as the new President for the IIUM Student Union 2023 (IIUMSU). 

He stated during the Presidential Seat Dialogue on Monday (29 May) that the IIUM community’s opinions and suggestions are important in order to construct a better direction for the university’s future.

“We (IIUMSU) will conduct a Town Hall session at the start of the semester as the platform for students to express their suggestions and these will be analyzed for the benefit of the university which indirectly includes students’ voices.”

Besides, Muntasir prioritized the unification of IIUM campuses in Gombak, Kuantan and Pagoh by establishing centralized projects and joint venture programmes to strengthen the togetherness of all three campuses.  

“For our ongoing moon time project, we plan to upgrade it to the central level by including Kuantan and Pagoh campuses in order to tackle period poverty issues among female students on more campuses,” he said after the project successfully assisted the students on Gombak campus. 

Muntasir also initiated the Sports Kulliyyah Festival as one of the first collaborative programmes between all campuses. 

“Before the pandemic, we only had a Sports Festival for the Gombak campus, thus by initiating this idea it will be an opportunity for collaborative efforts by the Student Union,” he added.

“We would also utilize this initiative to tackle issues in other campuses. We heard people in Pagoh require more buses for their daily transportation and we will try to bring up this issue to the management.”

Through these initiatives, he hoped that it could enhance the credibility of the IIUM Student Union not only among students but also gain recognition from NGOs outside of the university.

The Presidential Dialogue is an annual programme organised by the IIUM Election Commission as a platform for the future leaders of IIUMSU to explicate their promises to students.***

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