Muntasir Aznan is the new President of IIUM Student Union

By Nurin Najmina Zaidi

GOMBAK, 31 May 2023: Ahmad Muntasir bin Aznan who previously contested for Deputy President 1, decided to contest for the IIUMSU President seat and won the post uncontested.

The Chairman of the Election Commission, Nabil Haziq, expressed his acknowledgement of the changes in the dynamics of campus politics in this year’s election.

According to him, this year’s election was different compared to the previous ones whereby there was no voting and there was a significant reduction in the number of nominations for the presidential debate, campaign tour as well as the withdrawal of the presidential candidate.

“Many unprecedented events happened this year that we did not foresee happening. Hence, the dynamics in politics is not simply black and white as people perceive it, it can be either grey, abstract or uncertain in all times,” he said.

Nabil assured that the Election Commission has tried its best to keep the spirit of unionism alive and sustained it throughout the election process for this year’s 2023 election.

The full line-up of the IIUM Student Union 2023 following the election is as follows:

General Seats:

  1. President: Ahmad Muntasir bin Aznan (AHAS KIRKHS)
  2. International Affairs I: Hussein Ahmed Jafar Albaiti (KICT)

Central Seats:

  1. Deputy President I: Yuveraaj Pillai (AIKOL)
  2. Deputy President II: Muhammad Adib Syahmi bin M.Bahari (KOM)
  3. Deputy President III: Muhammad Faqih bin Mohamat Samin (KLM)
  4. Assistant Treasurer III: Nur Ain Nabilah binti Mohd Roselee (KLM)

Office seats:


  1. Office of Communication Advocacy & Promotion: Nur Syafiqa Aleesya binti Pajuzi (AHAS KIRKHS)
  2. Office of Education: Muhammad Nadzmi Wajdi bin Yushadi (AHAS KIRKHS)
  3. Office of Welfare: Ali Karimi bin Mohd Nasri (KENMS)
  4. Office of Legal Affairs: Muhammad Khairil Anwar bin Mohamad (AIKOL)


  1. Office of Welfare: Mohammad Harith Ierfan bin Rahmat (KLM)
  2. Office of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations: Muhammad Alim bin Isa (KLM)

There were only 12 seats contested out of 41 seats. The candidates in the 2023 election won uncontested and 29 vacant seats were left vacant. The official result was announced live via YouTube on 30 May 2023 at 9 p.m.***

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