IIUMSU Election 2023: Yuveraaj to increase union’s women’s representation

By Maisarah MOHD

GOMBAK, 31 May 2023: The final dialogue for the IIUMSU Election 2023 was held Monday (29 May) between the candidates for the Presidential seat and Deputy President 1 seat. 

During the dialogue, the Deputy President 1 candidate, Yuveraaj Pillai shared some beneficial insights on what he wishes to accomplish during his tenureship and other arising issues.

In dealing with students’ problems and issues, Yuveraaj said, “How long have we been diplomatic to the university? Just fight, what can we do?” as he disagreed with Muntasir’s diplomatic approach. 

He clarified that some things need to be pushed relentlessly for them to be solved, however respective manners should still be applied, “None of us want to be unnecessarily rude to the management.”

When asked about women’s representation in the IIUMSU Election, Yuveraaj admitted that the number of female students participating in the election has decreased greatly and most are only working behind-the-stage.

He added, “We are looking forward to implementing an anti-discrimination policy,” by opening positions and setting a quota of female representation for the upcoming tenure.

On IIUMSU’s image branding, “IIUMSU should not limit ourselves to focus on the welfare of IIUM students only.” 

Yuveraaj justified that students’ welfare issues can also be untangled by being involved in the government’s policymaking as IIUMSU is representing all university students in Malaysia.

Both the candidates see eye to eye on how IIUMSU is not the students’ problem solver, however they promised to make sure the students’ voices are always heard by the higher authority.

Yuveraaj concluded by stressing on students to come to IIUMSU and voice their concerns, so that the Union will help them resolve their issues.

The dialogue was moderated by the former President of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences Students’ Society (IRKHSSS) 20/21, Anas Hayyan, and was conducted at the Experimental Hall, IIUM.***

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