New Network Launches for Supporters of Palestine

By Revda Selver

GOMBAK, 10 May 2023: On Saturday, the 15th of April, a new network known as Friends of Palestine (FoP) was launched during a closed event “Iftar Bersama FoP” at The Sultani Restaurant in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

FoP was founded in 2019 and became active during the COVID-19 lockdown through live streams highlighting the latest updates on the Palestinian situation and hosting many Malaysian influencers.

The FoP network brings together people from different backgrounds to increase awareness and act for Palestine at all levels through creative means. With their vision to be a leading creative network for Palestine and a mission to become a network of empowerment. FoP provides a unique opportunity to support the struggle of the Palestinian people.

The launch was attended by Malaysian influencers, journalists, and businessmen who expressed their excitement at the prospect of a dedicated network for the Palestinian cause. The event featured a speech by the CEO of the network, Mr. Rayyan Abdullah.

CEO Mr. Rayyan Abdullah during his speech.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Rayyan emphasised that each person in society has the potential to play a role in supporting Palestine. The message conveyed is that collective efforts, no matter how small, can make a significant impact on the Palestinian cause.

Iftar Bersama FoP guests

The closed event featured a range of diverse activities. The event included online participation by a special guest from Gaza, Wafa Aludaini. She spoke about the importance of media and its influencers on the Palestinian cause and shared her experiences with attendees.

The event also showcased a video highlighting the network’s achievements, along with another video addressing the recent violations at Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. The video provides the guests with a broader perspective on the current situation in Palestine.

Mr. Mu’adz Dzulkefly during the nasheed performance.

Interactive sessions were held, allowing participants to share their thoughts and experiences. The event culminated with a nasheed performance by Mr. Mu’adz Dzulkefly, providing a moment of reflection and inspiration.

Iftar Bersama FoP was attended by 100 guests and sponsored by Palm Strategic Initiative Center and The Sultani Restaurant.***

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