COMM FESTIVAL 2023: Fun Activities by IIUM TV

By Farhana Yusoff

GOMBAK, 7 May 2023: As we all know, the Communication Festival is tomorrow (8 May 2023) and IIUM TV is no exception in its involvement in the event this time.

This time around, IIUM TV goes with the mission to provide Communication students with the opportunity to get exposure and experience as part of the TV crew, as well as to open their minds to the idea that everyone can be part of TV.

IIUM TV has a lot of activities to offer for the Communication Festival. One of the activities is called Meet Your Idol where students will be given the opportunity to nominate a visitor for each TV programme production where the crew will strive to bring a guest and encourage students to attend the live session as well in the future. 

The second activity is called Guess the Scene where they will play a movie scene and the students must guess based on the line or catchphrase that they use.

The next one is a tongue twister activity but IIUM TV has made it a news reading game. Another exciting activity held by IIUM TV is the whisper game where one person wears an earphone and the other person needs to try and explain the word to their friend. 

The last activity by IIUM TV is known as Charades. It is a game in which you must construct lists of renowned movies, series, and shows. Then, cut up pieces of paper with prepared lists and place them in a container. Later, students will be assigned a piece of paper at random and will have to act out a famous scene from the show or say a famous line from the show. Others must guess the name of the program, and the winning group will receive a voucher. 

Aside from that, IIUM TV will also be having an interview session with a few famous people such as Yonny and Ashhrapp Channel. There will also be a streaming session by one of the guests. 

Lastly, IIUM TV will also do a Confession board and video throughout the Communication Festival. Therefore, don’t miss out on the exciting activities by IIUM TV next week as you may get to gain new knowledge and information. ***

Do follow the social media account of IIUM TV to stay updated on the schedule of the activities:

Instagram: @iiumtv

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