COMM FESTIVAL 2023: COSA prepares interesting talks

By Nur Nathalieya Baptist

GOMBAK, 7 May 2023: Apart from the festivities for Communication Festival 2023 involving various pop-up booths and other activities, the Communication Students Association (COSA) is delighted to announce that there will be a series of talk every day throughout the Communication Festival week starting from 8th May until 11th May 2023.

The series of talks consists of several professional guests from various backgrounds of communication to share some fun and beneficial input for all Communication students.

The list of talks scheduled with respective speakers who will present interesting topics is as below:

For more information, please refer to COSA’s, Communication Internship Class’ and the official pages of each secretariat under the Communication Department’s official Instagram below:

  • @cosaiiumofficial
  • @comminterniium
  • @iiumtoday
  • @iium_iprmsa
  • @iiumtv

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