Malaysian Celebrities and Influencers Stand with Palestine

By Revda Selver

GOMBAK, 10 May 2023: As the Palestinian-Israeli conflict continues to escalate, the Friends of Palestine network (FoP) invited Malaysian celebrities and influencers to the first physical event ‘Iftar Bersama FoP’ which took place on Saturday, 15th April 2023 to come together to raise awareness and speak out about Palestine.

Several prominent social media influencers participated in Friends of Palestine Instagram live streams, including Caprice, Ryan, Farah Adeeba, Farahlee, Diana Amir, Elfayza Ul Huq, Nurheliz Helmi, Syed Iqmal, Hana Ismail, Enes Yelmen, and Ramzi Abbas.

Each influencer brought their unique perspective and insights to the live streams, engaging their audiences and raising awareness about the ongoing struggles faced by Palestinians. Their participation in the Friends of Palestine Instagram live streams helped to amplify the voices of the Palestinian people and bring attention to the ongoing human rights violations they face.

Thai American influencer based in Malaysia, Aliza Kim.

“I got to know about friends of Palestine through a friend of mine who is active in the community. It is an honor to be invited to FoP’s first event,” said a Thai American influencer based in Malaysia, Aliza Kim, who shared with IIUMToday.

According to Aliza, social media has played a crucial role in raising awareness about the Palestinian cause. She believes that mainstream media outlets are not reporting accurate information and that it is up to influencers to share the truth.

“No ethnic group, no identity, no tradition should just be wiped out just like that,” she added. “The more we talk about the Palestinian cause the more we keep the hope of the Palestinian people of a free Palestine alive,” said Aliza.

Mrs. Hana Ismail during the interview.

Malaysian host, Hana Ismail said that social media has played a crucial role in shedding light on the Palestinian issue and raising awareness about the struggles of the Palestinian people. She added that it is essential for them to use their platforms to accurately report on the situation.

Influencer Elfaeza Ul Haq during the interview.

Malaysian influencer, Elfaeza Ul Haq, first knew about FoP in Ramadan 2020, during their marathon of live sessions. “It was a very good initiative,” she said.

“FoP provided everyone with the chance to view what was going on in Palestine through different media streams. They provided a more realistic point of view,” Elfaeza further explained.

Elfaeza highlighted that everyone, not necessarily influencers, holds the responsibility to spread the word and do what they can to support the causes they believe in.

These celebrities and influencers shared that they believe that supporting Palestine is not just about politics, but also about standing up for human rights and justice. And that all regardless of ethnic or religious background, should have the right to live in peace and freedom.

As FoP continues to spread awareness and advocate for the Palestinian cause, their message is clear: every person has a responsibility to speak out against injustice and oppression and to support those who are fighting for their rights.***

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