Fathin Naufal strives to work more progressively for AHAS KIRKHS

By Syafiah Sakirin

GOMBAK, 13 December 2022: Focusing on a more developed and dynamic platform for students is the ultimate aim of Fathin Naufal bt Nizam, a candidate that is campaigning for the Secretariat of English Language and Literature (ELITS) Chairperson seat of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences Students’ Society (IRKHSS) Election 2022.

Fathin, a third-year English Language and Literature student shared her past experiences of being a Block Representative Committee during her second year.

Currently, she is a member of the Student Affairs and Welfare Council of IRKHSSS, the Mahallah Representative Committee’s multimedia team of Mahallah Maryam, and Vice President 1 of ELITS.

In an interview with IIUMToday, Fathin expressed her mission in strengthening the foundation of her secretariat while actively engaging in collaborative efforts with other secretariats of IRKHSSS.

She has the vision to gain active participation among students by letting them have a sense of belonging in each secretariat. 

Three items of the manifesto that Fathin is aiming for are:

1. To strengthen the integration between international and local BENL students.

She believed that student society needs to put more effort into nurturing the essence of unity in both local and international students, as seen in the lack of participation and integration among them. 

She planned to execute this by establishing the International Student Affairs Bureau or through standardised efforts with IRKHSSS

2. To enhance the recognition of BENL students among IIUM community and the external community through various programs and public engagements.

Her experience as Vice President 1 of ELITS taught her that this enhancement is needed especially during the post-pandemic. She insisted that students have a lot more to contribute to the community.

She believed that as the secretariat, it is its responsibility to provide a platform for students to be beneficial to others. This can be achieved by aiming to have a highly public engagement programme.

3. To empower the welfare, academic assistance, and industry readiness of BENL students through collaborative efforts. 

She insisted the three key points are important elements in preparing a holistic student. More initiatives such as establishing a welfare care shelf, academic helpdesk, and workshop to prepare for students’ industry readiness should be provided for students. 

Asked about her reasons for contesting in the IRKHSSS Election, she said her past involvement in both Kulliyyah and the department taught her a valuable lesson that can be used for the betterment of students in the future.

“I take the responsibility to assist the journey of providing a more progressive and dynamic platform for students. It is time for me to move forward,” she explained.

She agreed that a good leader should serve clubs or societies wholeheartedly instead of just treating extracurricular activities as merely for earning star points that can be added to their resume later. 

“Once you give your heart to your responsibilities, you will possess other good characteristics along the way such as having the spirit to improve and admit weakness in oneself, actively engaging with your subordinates, and having the spirit to serve students,” she told IIUMToday.

Fathin expressed her hope that all students will exercise their rights by voting for their leaders for a better future during the upcoming polling day. The election will take place on 15 December 2022 (Thursday).***

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