Khubaib bin Huda is the new Chairperson of UDCY

By Syiqa Suhaimy

GOMBAK, 13 December: A student of Usul al-Din and Comparative Religion, Khubaib Bin Huda, won the Chairperson seat of the Secretariat of Usul al-Din and Comparative Religion (UDCY), uncontested.

Khubaib expressed his great motivation in strengthening the Secretariat of UDCY so that it becomes more prominent among students.

When asked about his uncontested victory, Khubaib stated, “Winning this election uncontested is more of a worry for me than a relief. Having uncontested seats means that students from our department do not have the interest to engage with our society.”

Khubaib explained, as the Chairperson, he will make sure UDCY is accessible as a liaison for Usuluddin students in resolving any issues regarding courses or the Department.

He also pledged to instill the value of Islamisation by holding a myriad of spiritual programmes in future.

Khubaib, a man of his word, assured that he had action plans for the manifesto he issued related to the development of UDCY.

UDCY welcomed Khubaib as a member in December 2021. He has been actively involved in UDCY programmes, which allowed him to gain valuable experience in managing programmes as Assistant I of Bureau Ukhuwwah and Da’wah.

The alarming signs of no engagement coming from Usuluddin students had Khubaib worried about the developments of UDCY. Therefore, he vigorously pointed out that a lot of serious efforts need to be done once his journey as the chairperson starts.

Highlights of Khubaib’s manifesto include the following:

  1. To establish a systematic standard operating procedure within UDCY administration.
  2. To encourage student engagement by conducting a range of intellectual programmes, such as writing, speaking, and reading classical and contemporary Islamic literature.
  3. To increase the spirit of community engagement and interfaith dialogue among Usuluddin students.

In addition, he stated that a good leader must be well-mannered despite his or her accomplishments. “A good leader will always be humble as he realises his position as a vicegerent of Allah on this earth. This realisation will be manifested through his well-mannered actions and decisions,” Khubaib said.

At the end of the interview, Khubaib urged the students to actively engage with the activities held in IIUM to get a better understanding of and experience with leadership and management skills. This will inevitably become one of the most sought-after skills on the job market.***

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