AIKOL female graduates dominate the 38th IIUM Convocation Ceremony awards

By Marissa Nazeera

GOMBAK, 8 December 2022: The female graduates of Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL) dominated the 38th IIUM Convocation Ceremony awards.

Among the award recipients were Amy Nor Hannah, Nur Hashima, Syahirah Rafine, Syahidah Athirah, Farah Wahida, Faiqah Nadhra and Nurul Syafiqah.

For them, their five-year law school journey was never an easy route. Albeit the painful journey, what had made them come this far was to have the best support system and trust in themselves.

Amy admitted that life for her was not always sunshine and rainbows. She was not only financially struggling but badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic where she found it hard to transition to online classes. However, she faced the struggle bravely with the support of her loved ones and managed to attain an IIUM scholarship.

“Always have faith in yourself, no matter how difficult the circumstances are and how you may feel hopeless and lost sometimes. I learned that if you be that person who is always there for yourself, believing that you could go through anything that life throws at you, you will always soar high,” Amy advised.

Nur Hashima who bagged the Best Student for Academic (Company Laws and Professional Practice) had also shared her piece of advice for others to always challenge one’s comfort zone; through co-curricular involvement since law school should not be limited to only sitting in lectures.

Hashima also stressed on how it is possible to balance both co-curricular activities and academics. With the best time-management, multi-tasking skills and willingness, one can actually balance both co-curricular and academics.

“Do not be afraid to try as those who try are better than those who don’t,” added Nur Hashima when was asked to give her piece of advice to her juniors.

Furthermore, for Faiqah Nadhra, the Best Student for Criminal Procedure, IIUM was a spiritual bridge for her to be closer to Islam. Faiqah emphasised how grateful she was to everyone including her circle of friends and lecturers who moulded her spiritually.

Faiqah also said “IIUM, stays true to its name in being a university that instills the principles of Islam, to which I had the benefit in learning through the people I had met in the university.”

Although it was also a well-known fact that law textbooks are tome (large and heavy), Syahirah Rafine, the Best Student for Civil Procedure recommended others to revise daily and make notes. This should be supplemented by having consultation with lecturers when confusions in some topics knocked in. Alternatively, Syahirah suggested for others to discuss the topics with friends to ensure that they are on the right path.

After all, Syahirah is a proud advocate for juniors and even advised anyone not to be afraid of taking new risks and challenges. “It is somewhat scary, but you will enjoy stepping into new opportunities. The journey is not a bed of roses. It has a lot of bumpy roads but make sure you can stand again and fly higher,” she added.

Currently, the four of them have embarked on a new journey, in the form of their 9-month chambering period to practice becoming a lawyer in Malaysia. Syahirah and Faiqah are now chambering at ZICO Law firm, while Hashima is at Azmi and Associates while Amy at Shearn Delamore and Co.

This proves that only through hard work and resilience one can open the many doors of success. With the hope their stories will motivate other juniors who are currently facing mid-semester tests and assignments, these stories and advice shared exclusively through IIUMToday.***

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