IIUMToday coaches Kuantan Student Union on i-kNEWS establishment

By Nabila Ereesha

GOMBAK, 2 December 2022: A meeting session between Kuantan Student Union and some IIUMToday’s mainboard members was held on 28 November via Google Meet to assist the establishment of a news portal in Kuantan campus called i-kNEWS.

The meeting session included a sharing of IIUMToday’s in-house style of news reporting, a sharing of the current i-kNEWS organisational chart, and ended with a question and answer session from both parties.

During the session, the mainboard shared some suggestions with Kuantan Student Union to guide them on news writing and the work flow of managing a news portal. 

In an interview with IIUMToday, three new journalists from i-kNEWS, Ahmad Luqman bin Mohammad Noor, Wan Asiah binti Wan Azhar, and Nur Alia binti Ramzee, shared their thoughts on the sessions they had with IIUMToday mainboards. 

According to Ahmad Luqman, the session was fruitful as it was easy to understand and ask questions. He further described the session as laid back and IIUMToday’s mainboard members were friendly.

“IIUMToday gave us a clear framework on what to focus on and what to search for while writing news, which is only the significant points,” Wan Asiah added.

Meanwhile, Nur Alia expressed her excitement in collaborating with IIUMToday in future events to learn more about news writing. 

The three journalists from i-kNEWS thought the meeting session was very beneficial and informative as IIUMToday gave some useful tips that could be used especially for journalists who have no basics in news writing.

The meeting session was said to be helpful to the Kuantan Student Union in establishing their own news portal since establishing i-kNEWS is something they have been looking forward to.***

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