NurShifa aims to create bigger platforms, recognition for Student Union

By Balqis Asrof

GOMBAK, 27 May 2022: NurShifa Binti Nasar Ali who is contesting the Treasurer seat for the IIUM Student Union Election shared that bigger platforms and recognition of IIUM Student Union would create a bridge for IIUM students to get connected with the industry.

Coming from the Department of Islamic Finance, this third year candidate is well-versed and is not foreign to the financial world. She had experienced becoming a Treasurer in the Mahallah Representative Council (MRC) and Program Manager positions in various events.

To enhance her communication and critical thinking skills, she participated in Malaysia National Intervarsity Debate Championship 2020 and East Coast Debate Open 2020.

When asked about her reasoning for contesting in this election, NurShifa stated that she strives in making positive changes.

“We students have the most power and I am happy to be in the process of enhancing and bringing it forward for the betterment of the students,” she expressed confidently.

NurShifa also highlighted her manifesto in becoming the Treasurer of the IIUM Student Union.

“My manifesto aims at the steps to go on a bigger scale for the betterment of the students –
to build a bigger platform, to provide training for student-oriented business, and to bring in the sponsors and connections worldwide. 

Each of these is a process that connects with each other to create a bigger scale as we are a union that can guide and help students in wider ways. These steps will help to improve the never-ending process of betterment for the students,” she said.

NurShifa further expressed her idea of a good leader.

“ Firstly, the willingness to lead. A good leader would lead and forge his or her own path instead of following the path already laid in front of them.

Secondly, someone who cares about his or her followers. A good leader would care and cater to the needs and concerns of all those who trust in them regardless of their race, religion and gender. 

Thirdly, a good leader is someone who is prepared to take risks. They should be courageous to take calculated risks that would benefit their followers in the long run,” she elaborated.

NurShifa also believes that women’s role is as vital as men’s role in society. She stated that women’s perspectives and viewpoints should be represented more in various fields such as economics, politics and others.

She added that some issues such as sexual harassment on campus can be raised effectively if more women are in the higher-ups as this issue is more closely linked to women. She encourages more women to participate in senior positions in an organisation so more voices could be heard.

As a final remark, NurShifa firmly stated, “Being kind and responsible and always showing respect is truly the key which I always keep in myself.  Finally, I would like to say, I always rely on Allah and always seek Him to give me the best opportunities that will help me and also bring me closer towards Him.”***

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