Mardhiyyah pledges on service and accountability

By Nurin Najmina Zaidi

GOMBAK, 27 May 2022: Ainul Mardhiyyah, who won the seat of Legal Affairs uncontested in the 2022 student union election, pledged to fulfil her manifesto that emphasised service and accountability.

Thus, based on her manifesto, she wants to provide legal aid services for IIUM students who are subjected to disciplinary hearings. 

“I would also like to legislate a Code of Conduct for IIUMSU Executive Officers to increase accountability in operation. This code will spell out their duties and the consequences of any breach thereof,” she mentioned.

Mardhiyyah, who is now a third year law student from the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL), already had an ongoing plan and a series of discussions with IIUM Legal Aid Club to materialise her first manifesto.

“Currently, I am collecting feedback and suggestions from different stakeholders in the process of drafting the Code. Insya Allah, these two manifestos can be fulfilled before I end my service,” she said.

Asked about her reason for contesting this seat, she said that she had previously worked in the Legal Unit of IIUMSU and was able to identify some legal issues and loopholes in the operation of IIUMSU. 

“I aspire to fix these and further strengthen the foundation of our union,” she highlighted.

She said that she contested the seat for the Office of Legal Affairs with two things in her mind – to be a reliable Office that the students can turn to in times of crisis, and to increase the confidence of the students in the union. 

“These two missions are vital to catalyse the spirit of unionism and student activism,” she emphasised.

Mardhiyyah looks forward to seeing the students exercising their rights on the polling day. “Be part of this democracy and choose your representatives well,” she concluded.***

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