Welfare candidates share same goals despite being in different campus

By Hidayah Sahrunizam

GOMBAK, 27 May 2022: The seat of Office of Welfare has been secured uncontested by the third year students, Aiman Faris Sharudin from IIUM Gombak campus and Farah Mohamed Haji Osman from IIUM Pagoh campus.

Asked about what they could offer to consolidate efforts to improve students’ welfare, both of them revealed their own manifesto that differed from each other but they shared the same goals, which is for the betterment of IIUM students. 

Aiman’s manifesto

Coordinate mental health assistance

Aiman who is currently majoring in Guidance and Counselling from Kulliyyah of Education (KOED), has a thorough plan on how to ensure his manifesto is not just a word of mouth. 

“I plan to coordinate help assistance with Counselling and Career Services Centre IIUM, psychology and counselling departments and other mental health advocates, such as Impact, SELANGKAH SELANGOR,” said Aiman.

He also expressed his thought to create a better student hotline that consists of professional and well trained people by collaborating with the Psychology Department of AbdulHamid AbuSulayman Kuliyyah Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (AHAS IRKHS) and counselling department from KOED. 

Better and transparent welfare funding management

Using his experience as the Chief of Staff of IIUMSU Welfare Office 21/22, Aiman revealed that many initiatives have been done such as the establishment of a foodbank. 

To ensure the betterment of funding management, Aiman aims to collaborate with big companies and NGOs to become their partner to supply food and other necessities. 

Initiate and centralise a secure parcel hub

“The problem is continuous. Even my close friends have encountered that. Even if we try to report them to the authorities, the possibility of getting your parcel back is unguaranteed.”

Hence, he initiated to open a parcel hub that has the same concept of the UniStorage, by collaborating with an outside logistics company such as MailBoxes. 

Further explaining his manifesto, Aiman Faris or also better known as AimanTuna believed that the people in power should be competent enough to fight for students and be the voice of union, in order to gain trust from the IIUM administration and the students.

“I’m fighting for a holistic and sustainable Student Union. We already have a lot of initiative, but we have no sustainable supplies. And last, I want IIUMSU to be approachable,” expressed Aiman during the interview with IIUMToday. 

Meanwhile, Farah who is majoring in English for International Communication (ENCOM) from the Kulliyyah of Languages and Management (KLM) believes that listening is the key to solve any problem faced by the students.

Hence, she highlighted three manifestos that she will fight to elevate and solve the problems faced by students.

Farah’s manifesto

Asked on how she would implement her manifesto, Farah responded that she will go through the cooperation with the competent authorities such as cooperation with the Education Office and the Mahallah Office. 

Farah also emphasised that the first manifesto which is to coordinate with multiple companies for KLM students internship programme, is specifically designed for 3rd and 4th year students who face difficulties finding organizations to proceed with their internship. 

Aiming to provide recreational areas for KLM students, Farah said that she noticed some shortcoming as KLM is lacking in such facilities, thus making her realize that it is important for the students to have a place to do some relaxing activities. 

Focusing to make programmes and activities for students, Farah said that the programme that will be implemented will be held in Pagoh campus but there might be possibilities to collaborate with Gombak and Kuantan campus. 

“For now I have two programmes in my mind which are first aid course and sign language course for KLM students,” Farah stated. 

Both Aiman and Farah hope that the students will cast their vote on 28 May and wish all the other candidates that will be contested during that day best of luck. 

“I hope the winner will implement their ideas as I really find all my fellow candidates’ ideas and manifestos very helpful to the students and IIUM,” expressed Farah before concluding the interview with IIUMToday.***

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