Second award for Aisyah at 15th session of IIUM’s 36th Convo

By Hidayah Sahrunizam

GOMBAK, 21 March 2022: Aisyah Binti Md Yusof, a graduate from Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS) was conferred Best Student Award (Overall) during the 15th session of IIUM 36th Convocation Ceremony on Sunday (20 March).

The award, which was specially sponsored by Pahang Specialist Hospital Sdn Bhd, was given to Aisyah by the Secretary-General Ministry of Higher Education, Dato’ Seri Abdul Razak Jaafar.

The 25 year-old graduate had earlier received the Royal Education Award during the first session of Convocation Ceremony on 12 March (Saturday).

Asked how she felt on receiving two different awards, Aisyah expressed her heartfelt joy by appreciating her parents, family members, and friends who gave her the strength and support throughout her degree journey.

“Also to all of my lecturers in Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) and in KENMS who have taught me, not only about the syllabus in Finance, Accounting, Business and Economics, but they also integrated Islamic revealed knowledge and values in all academic disciplines, thank you very much,” she said.

Sharing her study tips as an IIUM student, Aisyah emphasised on the importance of being focused during the lectures, and put aside anything that is not related academically.

She also stressed that a student must know their priorities to make sure life between academic and co-curricular activities would be balanced.

Quoting the verse in surah at-Taubah, “Go forth, whether light or heavy,…” Aisyah highlighted that the words “whether light or heavy” have a very comprehensive meaning: When it is enjoined to march forth for Jihad, you must go forth anyhow, whether you like it or not: whether you are in a state of prosperity or indigence: whether you are well-equipped or ill-equipped: whether the circumstances are favourable or adverse: whether you are young and healthy or old and weak.

“The meaning of this verse actually symbolises our life journey. Sometimes our life is coloured with many challenges and new things which could be favourable or non-favourable to us. What more when we face life transition from a student life to a working phase,” she expressed.

The verse inspired her to always be ready, be positive, and be strong mentally and physically to fulfill any task and given challenges in her learning and working life.

Aisyah who is currently working in a banking field, planned to further her studies either in masters or professional certificate.

Besides, she advised students to always be bold and ready to face post COVID-19 effects especially during the education journey and working life as it is going to be challenging and tend to change vigorously.

“We need to adapt with the changes, as you are not necessarily going to be assigned with something you love to do, but also will be assigned with something new, something from which we can absorb new knowledge and gain new experience,” she told IIUMToday.

She also took the opportunity to thank her first accounting lecturer during CFS, Madam Rohana Mohd Noor, who always motivated her during studies, as Aisyah did not originally come from accounting course.

“She is the one who always motivated me to slowly understand accounting and entertain my question in class. Alhamdulillah, because of that, I am where I am now.” ***

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