Husband and wife believe good support system is essential

By Athirah Mohammad and Maryam Nasir 

GOMBAK, 21 March 2022: Best Student in co-curricular from Kulliyyah of Dentistry, Hajar Ar Rahmah binti Nasri, shared it is important to have a strong support system so that you have those people to fall back on when things get rough.

In an interview with IIUMToday, Hajar said: “For juniors, my advice would be you need to always take care of your mental state and find your own support. If you ever feel like giving up and having hard times, don’t be alone because there are always solutions to everything.”

Being a student in the university is a unique experience, allowing you to grow in ways you never thought were even possible. However, there will be moments of struggle and that is why having a reliable support system that genuinely cares about you and wants to help you succeed is important.

For Hajar, the strong support system they got from beloved family, friends as well as lecturers are the only thing that keep them going until the end while proving why the couple made it at the graduation day. 

“The fact that we’ve finished the five years of study already makes me feel over the moon. What more, today I’m recognised as one of the best students (co-curricular), graduating with my husband while expecting our first-born,” she added. 

She also pointed out that having a husband as the backbone in hardships during her final year to finish clinical requirements is very helpful for her to make it this far.

Hajar’s husband, Faiz Fakhruddin, who has been his wife’s support system during her studies, was glad and happy that he was part of the journey and will continue to support his wife’s success in future.

Another couple from the Department of Dietetics, Kulliyyah of Allied Health Science also shared their views when they also found the need to have each other in heading towards success. 

As the Dietetics Department consists of only one class, they tend to rely on each other as their support system and constantly give suggestions whenever they face problems.

Hence, they concluded that surrounding yourself with negativity will make you go nowhere. In fact, a good support system by family and friends is what you need the most in this shackled journey.***

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