Updates on Academic Calendar 2021-2022

By Ameerah Angelina

GOMBAK, 27 September 2021: The academic calendar for the 2021/2022 session for Gombak and Kuantan campuses has been revised following the recent announcement from the Minister of Higher Education that has allowed students to return to campus in stages starting 15 October 2021. 

The previous academic calendar had 7 weeks of lectures before and after the mid-semester break. However, in order to accommodate the return of students to campus, there will be 8 weeks of lectures starting from 4 October 2021 before the mid-semester break that lasts a week starting on 27 November 2021.

This will be followed by another 8 weeks of lectures before the revision and examination period.

In addition, there will only be a total of 14 weeks of lectures for every kulliyyah although the formation and arrangement for these 14 weeks will be according to the discretion of each kulliyyah.

Students have been advised to check with their respective kulliyyah or lecturers on the commencement of class and the mode of teaching and learning for the upcoming semester.

Due to the increase in the weeks of lectures in the calendar, the revision period has been changed from 4 days to 5 days starting on 29 January 2022. The examination period, however, has been shortened from 21 days to 15 days starting on 3 February 2022. 

Similarly, the inter-semester vacation period has also been shortened from 19 days to 17 days.

The second semester will begin on 7 March 2022 with 8 weeks of lectures followed by a combined mid-semester break and Eid Fitr’ holiday that lasts a week.

Semester two lectures will resume in the following 6 weeks before the revision and examination period.

The third semester, on the other hand, will commence on 25 July 2022 with 7 weeks of lectures, followed by two days of revision period and five days of examination period.***

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