COVID-19 update: Four-digit new cases with 4 deaths

By Fatihah Zaini

GOMBAK, 19 November 2020: Malaysia recorded 1,290 new COVID-19 cases today, with four deaths, and two states, Sabah and Selangor, recording the highest figure of 660 and 407 respectively, according to the report by the Ministry of Health.

The number has increased tremendously compared to yesterday which adds to a total of 51,680 confirmed cases, 13,222 active cases and 326 total deaths.

Only five cases are imported while the rest are local, the report said.

Eight clusters in relation to Pusat Tahanan Sementara (PTS), had caused the cases in Sabah to rise, while Selangor reported to have one new cluster, Cluster Kapas BJ.

Meanwhile, 878 cases of recoveries are reported which add up to 38,132 total of recovered cases (73.8 percent of total cases), according to the report.

As of today, there are 110 positive cases being treated at Intensive Care Units (ICU) with 37 in need of ventilator support. ***

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