Students gain exposure to art of emceeing and hosting skills

By Nur Hasina Mahbub Ahmad

GOMBAK, 20 November 2020: Students had the opportunity to acquire hosting skills and gain exposure to the art of emceeing following a workshop “Bengkel Pengacaraan Tawan Bahasa 2.0” held virtually yesterday featuring prominent emcee Iman Mustafa.

The programme was organised by IIUM Malay Language and Literature Club (MALLIC) in collaboration with ASTRO.

Iman Mustafa, an IIUM Alumni 2009, who has been involved in the hosting field for five years, shared his experience and knowledge regarding formal and informal emceeing throughout his journey as an emceeing while working with ASTRO.

During the session, he briefly suggested a few tips regarding hosting to the audience. He told the audience several tips to be a good emcee either formal or informal.

At the same time, he advised them to get to know themselves better by getting to know the best event that suits an individual to help come out with the best method of emceeing.

According to Iman Mustafa, an emcee should always bring positive and energetic vibes to avoid guests being bored all the way during the event.

Hence, he said, “If you come out without an effective opening, it will set the dull tone for the entire event, and trust me, your event will not go down well.”

“The role of an emcee is to warm up the crowd to prepare them for the programme ahead as the emcee sets the tone. You are there to make the main stars of the show look good,” shared Iman Mustafa.

In regard to effectiveness in emceeing, he said, “You are also there to make sure there are smooth transitions between different segments of the programme so that it flows smoothly. Should there be any hiccup, the emcee will have to ensure minimal disruptions to the programme.”

Iman further reminded the participants that the emcee will usually have the ultimate control of the event proceedings. “While there may be a stage manager to help manage the schedule, by being on stage, the emcee will have control over what happens.”

He said, “In order to establish credibility with the audience, making eye contact helps to maintain audience’s interest and encourages them to believe that you are genuinely interested in talking to them.”

“The success of a segment in an event will depend on the participants knowing the credentials or background of the speaker.”

This background knowledge, he added, will play an important role in establishing credibility and rapport between the speaker and participants.

He, therefore, advised the participants to put into practice and be prepared before going on stage. “Practise reading through your script and if possible, stand up in a room and deliver your presentation to the walls.”

He stressed that it is important to familiarise oneself with his or her own script so “you are in control all the time should any eventuality happen”.

The sharing session was held live on Google Meet which was attended by over 50 participants from among students and the IIUM alumni.

Those who are interested in programmes under MALLIC can browse through their Instagram account at @persuratan_uiam***

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