2020 Takrim month exhibition: A platform to showcase creativity

By Sarah Rashdi

GOMBAK, 13 March 2020 – An exhibition of 2020 Takrim month that took place on Wednesday (12 March) at IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC) showed creative ways to effectively deliver new information to the audience.

Included in this year’s concepts were the elements of exhibition, information and interaction which were presented in an interesting manner to create awareness and attract audience’s attention to the message.

Maze journey game from SDG booth

Aqilah Alya, a first year psychology student said: “Their way of spreading awareness is really exciting. I manage to collect lots of gifts from some booths that I stopped by. Also, I received many new information by playing games prepared by booths around ICC.

This is indeed an eye-opening experience especially for me because I was never really interested to join this kind of event.”

Gift from IIUM Medical Centre Kuantan

The exhibition was participated by industrial partners, SDG flagship, health screening and many more. ***

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