Exposure to self-defence by IIUM Karate Club

By Faizatul Nabilah

GOMBAK, 22 April 2019:  IIUM Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Club successfully held a seminar on self-defence on Saturday ( 20 April) at Female Sport Complex (FSC) conducted by the main instructor and a senior member of the club.

The objectives of the seminar are to introduce self-defence techniques to IIUM community and to raise awareness on the importance of self-defence.

This seminar which began at 9.30 a.m and ended at 11.45 a.m is the club’s annual programme, targeting participants from among IIUM students. The emphasis was not only on theories, but also the practical side by the participants.

One of the participants, Qasrina, had asserted that the inputs she gained from this seminar was beyond her expectations, which are really beneficial, and useful for everyone.

Meanwhile, the instructor, Norazmizan, said many young adults nowadays are not well-exposed to the importance of self-defence. Therefore, he said, he wanted to promote karate as one of their lifestyles and exercises for everyone.

“Every type of martial arts is mainly used for self-defence instead of using it against other persons without immediate danger,” Qasrina explained.

Other than this programme, various events will be organised by MARCO (Martial Art Coalition) and such as Martial Arts Festival (MaFest) and include booth opening, live demonstrations and also training which it is actually held in Kuantan, while the Clubfest program is under the SDC club and organized by clubs under SDC said the president of IIUM Karate Club, Mu’adz Ashroff. ***

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