Treasuring Al-Quran knowledge with QURTA 2.0

By Faizatul Nabilah

GOMBAK, 22 April 2019 – Quranic trainers workshop 2.0 (Qurta 2.0) organised by Jamiyyatu Khadamatil Quran (JKQ), became an effective medium for trainers or teachers to learn theories, techniques and tips in teaching Quran recitation and memorisation.

This workshop was held on Saturday (21 April) at LT1 KAED targeting participation from both the public and IIUM students.

The main objective of the event was to prepare sufficient knowledge about Al-Quran for the participants in efforts to produce qualified trainers with wide exposure to knowledge of psychology of children in Quran reading, and common mistakes in Quran recitation and techniques for Quran memorisation.

The workshop succeeded in changing the perception among the elderly that Quran memorisation is not limited for people in their young age. This has sparked good spirits among participants to learn about Al-Quran.

This event was held from 8.30 a.m until 4.30 p.m with three slots featured by three distinguished speakers from IIUM.

According to the event’s programme manager, Muhammad Izzat, this workshop had served beneficial inputs about Al-Quran. “There was no other better opportunity to learn all lessons out there other than by attending this kind of workshop,” he said.

Earlier Qurta 1.0 was held last week, and soon Qurta 3.0 will be conducted focusing on the Tarannum skills. JKQ is also looking forward to make continuation from this programme in future.***

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