Involving in uniform body not an obstacle to excel academically

By Nurfazliyana

People keep saying that students who are involved in Uniform Body (UB) may not excel in their studies, but they may not know that in reality, it does not affect their academic performance.

Nurshafiqah Binti Ayob, who have been awarded as the Best Academic for IIUM ROTU Airforce Batch 007 had proven that UB students can also perform well academically in their studies like other students or they can even be better than the others.

The award was given during the 37th Royal Commissioning ceremony of PALAPES Cadet Officer of public university along with the best Cadet Officers from other universities which was held recently at Universiti
Sains Malaysia (USM).

Nurshafiqah or better known as Shafiqah who came from FELDA Sungai Tengi Selatan, Kuala Kubu Bharu in Hulu Selangor, is a KAED student taking a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and she is currently in her final year of study.

During her childhood days she received a good UPSR result and was offered by FELDA to study at a boarding school, Asrama Semai Bakti Kuala Lumpur (ASBKL), which was selected as the top secondary school in Kuala Lumpur, and she attended SMK Seri Bintang Utara (SBU) for five years.

Active in sports, Nurshafiqah represented the school in several clubs and co-curriculum activities and was a hostel representative or Head of Female Students (KPP) during her final year of school at SBU.

After SPM, she studied at CFSIIUM in Architectural and Environmental Design (AED) for one year and moved to main campus at Gombak with offer of her current bachelor from IIUM which is related with science on socio-economy and environment with design base.

Nurshafiqah said that she was interested to join ROTU Airforce IIUM at first because she wanted to gain experience without knowing how the course was because basically KAED has studio subjects with the highest credit hours on Monday and Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Since every week she needs to show progress on those days, she usually plans her days on the night before.

Meanwhile, after the evening classes, she will need some time for recreation to let out her stress if there is no morning class on the next day. However, she will save the hours before 2.00am to complete her work if there is a morning class on the next day since weekend is for training and rest. She also stated that weekdays are quite packed because she needs to complete her work.

For her, the most important thing in managing time is to have good intention and always think that time is owned by Allah. If we manage to give and spend time for ibadah, there will be a space for us to perform well in what we are doing. “As a KAED student, truthfully, it is not easy to work alone in both course and UB, but I try to challenge myself even there are a lot of obstacles from many angles and parties.”

Here are some advice from Nurshafiqah for those who always think that UB students cannot perform well in their study and for those who want to challenge themselves to be involved in UB but have no courage to do so.

First, everyone has his or her own strengths and weaknesses but what makes us different is how courageous you are to try and to be on top.

Second, to be on top, of course, we will make mistakes. There will be many tests and the ups and downs of life, but we must get up after you fall. It is okay to let out the emotion but do not ever cross the line through action.

Third, whether we are interested or not in UB, never look down on people. We must always have good
perception on students who joined this kind of UB. We must also adore and interact with others and show good manners and be kind because everyone has different background. We all should give others a chance to shine.

Finally, never forget to pray and call our parents to make du’a and ask permission from them in anything we want to do.

May this article open our hearts and minds to not to judge others blindly and respect others’ life principle. ***

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