Caring Club stages ‘Ridicularious’ in aid of the orphans

By Aida Zemani

GOMBAK, 26 October 2018: A fantasy-like theatre titled ‘Ridicularious’ has come to its end after the last performance at Main Auditorium in IIUM campus here on Thursday night (25 October).

The theatre which started on 23 October was an initiative by Caring Club IIUM in collaboration with Twinkle Studio for a charity programme meant for the orphanages associated with the club.

“This theatre was at first not meant for the orphans, however, Caring Club proposed to Twinkle Studio to dedicate this theatre for the orphanages as the content was fantasy-like, fun, easy to understand and told the story of pure values and teachings, it was found not only suitable for children but also all ages,” said the founder of Twinkle Studio, Ramis Hamadul, who was also the director and scriptwriter for the theatre.

Ramis Hamadul said, “Since this is a charity event, proceeds from the tickets sold will be distributed to the orphanage.”

The theatre showcased a combination of previous creation of Twinkle Studio which included the clown story, King of Magia, as well as mermaids and treasures of a young prince, with his comrades escaping from the kingdom of an evil witch in a ‘Kembara Magik Dunia Limbo’, which is full of traps.

The advisor of Caring Club, Dr. Haslinda Jamaiudin who attended the theatre last night said, “It was a great performance. I enjoyed it, and if there is a sequel it will be amazing too.”

Besides the advisor, the theatre was also attended by special guests like JS Producer Haq, Economic and Sustainable Consultant, Munir Zambry, actor Zuraini Kassim, and social media influencers, Slurpee Crank and Bangjimmm.***

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