Mobilegraphy workshop for students to enhance photography skills

By Liana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 29 September 2018: “In order to be a skilful photographer, you must keep your eyes on around 100 good images per day.” This is among the tips shared by an expert in Mobilegraphy, Nur Aldan from Kulliyyah Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences.

With vast experiences in photography since being with Centre Foundation of Study (CFS),  Aldan had successfully trained participants to be professional photographers by only using the smartphone at Mobilegraphy Workshop held at Kulliyyah of Economic and Management Sciences (KENMS) on Friday.

In conjunction with Cekak Hanafi Festival 3.0, the workshop was an alternative from previous programmes besides exclusively organised by Media and Publication Promotion Bureau, Silat Cekak Hanafi Society for the students as it was quite expensive to be held outside the campus.

Around eight techniques had been shared during the theory session including rules of the grid, colour contrast, leading line and framing, besides the participants had been exposed to clear photographs presentation.

“This skill is special to those wanting to snap and share pictures in social media by using the subject nearby,” he briefed the participants before the practical session around IIUM campus.
According to Aldan, a good observation to his icons’ works from Malaysia and oversea such as Yais Yusman in social media had guided him how to place the subject correctly and reminded him of the hard work as an important tool to be succeed.

“As we know composition and angle are important in photography, but Aldan also taught me how to be creative because he can see what I can’t see,” expressed Nurul Ain, a participant from Kulliyyah of Engineering after the workshop.

As programme manager, Haziq Irfan from Kulliyyah of Engineering, expressed the hope for  participants to acquire new skills especially for their social media posting.

“Certain people used their Instagram for business purpose, I hope there are improvements after the workshop,”Haziq told IIUMToday after the photo session with the committee members and participants.***


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