Students can now own income through freelancing

By Ammar Abdullah

GOMBAK, 29 September 2018- Due to jobless rate among Malaysian graduates remains high, freelancing job seems to be part of the solution to assist students with income generation.

However, with adequate knowledge, students would be able to perform the job in a safe and guaranteed way as intended by Malaysian Freelancer Association (MAFA).

Collaborating with IIUM Freelancer, its chairman, Mohd Iskandar Md Akram, said MAFA was established with the aim of serving as an official platform for students to deliver the best training and creative skills in to market their services globally.

“By having an adequate knowledge about freelancing, the service and skills that students owned can be channeled effectively and easily generate additional income,”  Mohd Iskandar said.

Mohd Iskandar, who briefed a packed audience of students in a session organised by IIUM Counselling and Career Services Centre, said this freelance opportunity was an introductory session.

IIUM Freelancer programme will act as the trainer to showcase students’ talents towards the prospective clients without incurring any cost.

During the brief session conducted at Engineering Main Auditorium on Tuesday (25 September), the students were enlightened with few branches and classes from different fields including language, digital arts, education and beauty.

“It is hoped that more students will venture into this field as now they can get money by just using their fingers,” he said, adding that “more new services will be upgraded in the future.” ***


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