Stunning Indonesia to promote richness of its culture

By Fachri Mirza Muhammad

GOMBAK, 29 September 2018: The most awaited event, the Indonesian Day celebration, organised by Indonesian Students Association of IIUM (PPI-IIUM) started this Friday (28 September) would end next week on 5 October.

To promote the richness of its culture, this year’s event features a week of full performance, including  family day, writing class and talk, traditional food corner, Indonesian carnival, Got Talent, followed by closing ceremony.

Themed “Stunning Indonesia” the committee has invited honourable guests including Dr. H Muhammad Hidayat Nur Wahid M.A, Vice-chairman of People’s Consultative Assembly of Republic Indonesia 2014-2019, Prof, Dr. Hadi Nur, Director of Centre for Sustainable Nanomaterials, UTM, and Habiburrahman El-Shirazy, the writer of renowned novel “Ayat-Ayat Cinta”.

The programmes during the event would include:

  1. Opening Ceremony and talk, 28 September 2018, Themed “Think Globally, Act Locally” the talk will be held at Experimental Hall start from 16.00 pm.
  2. Family day, 29 September 2018, family gathering among Students and lecturers at IIUM located at Male sports complex.
  3. Got Talent, 29 September 2018 (night), performing talent including dances, stand up comedy, poetry, and singing.
  4. Writing class and talk, 30 September 2018, featuring Habiburrahman El-shirazi will be held at Mini Auditorium and Experimental Hall.
  5. Food Festival, 1 – 3 October 2018, Indonesian Food Corner promoting various types of traditional food and some of the games, held at Human Sciences Square.
  6. Indonesian Carnival, 4 October 2018, parade around IIUM campus wearing various national and cultural Costume.
  7. Closing Ceremony, 5 October 2018, a Night of cultural performance held at Main Auditorium, IIUM. Featuring Pencak Silat, Saman Dance, Fashion Show, and so on.

Among the invited guests of the Indonesian Day will be the Embassy people, lecturers, international students and Indonesian students as well as Malaysian students.***

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