ISMEC2018: “Create own identity rather than copy the west” – Zulhamri

By Faris Fuard

GOMBAK, 29 September 2018 –Instead of imitating western companies, Malaysian firms should prioritise by creating their own identities through using multiple channels of communication, such as corporate websites, weblogs and social media as tools, to communicate with their stakeholders.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulhamri Abdullah of Universiti Putra Malaysia told a seminar in his presentation titled “Conceptual framework on the impacts on online corporate communication” at the International Seminar on Media and Communication (ISMEC) 2018 at Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology in IIUM campus here recently (25 September).

“The brand personality model is effectively used to build a unique corporate identity and reputation,” he said, adding that “there are growing interest in studying how companies use multiple communication channels”.

He said the general access to the company’s websites should be easily navigated through proper vision and mission.

“The greater degree in stakeholder empowerment is causing many companies to struggle to improve nor maintain their corporate reputation,” he said.

In his presentation, Zulhamri cited Starbucks as the best example that managed to have its identity with green coffee drink.

“The impact caused by a company is vital in ensuring it remains relevant in the industry,” he said. ***


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