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For example, while the starting dose of singulair for children between the ages of 2 to 5 years is 4mg once a day, that can be increased to 5mg by age 6 years.

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Both the National Asthma Council and Asthma Australia have dismissed the calls from parents for a warning labelsaying Montelukast was highly effective and had anexcellentsafety record.

At Merck we realize that sometimes exceptions need to be made based on the patient’s individual circumstancesIf you do not meet the prescription drug coverage criteriayour income meets the program criteriaand there are special circumstances of financial and medical hardship that apply to your situationyou can request that an exception be made for you.

“I wouldn’t point the blame at one particular person or groupI think there has to be overall more awareness of the issueand for doctors to warn their patientshe said.

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hydrochloride commercially available as elestat , azelastine hydrochloride commercially available as optivar , prednisolone sodium phosphate commercially available as orapred odt , olopatadine hydrochloride commercially available as patanol , ketotifen fumarate commercially available as zaditor , and montelukast sodium commercially available as singulair ; and anti-histamines such as diphenhydramine hcl available as benadryl , loratadine available as claritin , astemizole available as hismanal , nabumetone available as relafen , diphenydramine hcl available as theraflu and clemastine available as tavist .

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