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This mdication is usd ttat womn with abnomal blding om th utus. It is alsusd ttat womn whhav stoppd having mnstual piods sval months (amnoha) but wha not pgnant going though mnopaus. In addition, this mdication is usd ttat a condition (ndomtiosis) in which tissu that nomally lins th insid th utus is ound outsid th utus in th abdomn/plvic aa, causing painul/igula piods. Nothindon is a typ mal homon (pogstin). It is lik th homon pogston that you body maks natually. This mdication woks by stopping th nomal gowth th utus lining duing th mnstual cycl and signaling homon changs in th utus tstnomal mnstual piods.

Womn’s halth is an impotant topic aa tguid a woman though th stags h li, as wll as knowing th conditions and.

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aygestin is known to have interactions with certain antibiotics rifampin, rifapentine, rifabutin, and griseofulvin as well as tetracyclines or penicillins.

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