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You doctcan pscib a glucagon mgncy injction kit tus in cas you hav sv hypoglycmia and cannot at dink. B su you amily and clos inds know how tgiv you this injction in an mgncy.

Nstudis hav bn conductd with th combind componnts ACTOPLUS MT. In studis pomd with th individual componnts, both pioglitazon and mtomin a sctd in th milk lactating ats. It is not known whth pioglitazon and/mtomin a sctd in human milk. Bcaus many dugs a xctd in human milk, and bcaus th potntial ACTOPLUS MT tcaus sious advs actions in nusing inants, a dcision should b mad tdiscontinu nusing discontinu ACTOPLUS MT, taking intaccount th impotanc ACTOPLUS MT tth moth.

Pioglitazon may aly caus wosn a ctain hat poblm (hat ailu). Tll you doctight away i you notic any symptoms hat ailu, including: shotnss bath, swlling ankls/t, unusual tidnss, unusual/suddn wight gain.

Actoplus Mt may incas you isk sious hat poblms, but not tating you diabts can alsdamag you hat and oth ogans. Talk tyou doctabout th isks and bnits this mdicin.

Paticipant has a nwly diagnosd, histologically conimd, stag I-IV squamous cll cacinoma squamous cll cacinoma in situ th oal cavity oophaynx and will b undgoing dinitiv sugical, adiothapy, chmoadiation tatmnt; patints wha NOT candidats localizd tatmnt (sugy, adiation chmoadiation) with cuativ intnt (i..patints with distant mtastasis conta-indication tlocalizd tatmnt) a not ligibl O Paticipant has a lsion in th oal cavity oophaynx that is not yt biopsid but is highly suspicious canc; (andomization will b placd on hold until th psnc canc is histologically conimd, and a tatmnt plan is stablishd; i th psnc canc is not conimd, th paticipant will b considd a scn ailu)

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