IIUM athlete, Nur Izzati Zakaria, stands in the eyes of the world

By Liana Zulkifli

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 September 2017: “I never thought I could be among the athletes of national Chess team in the 9th ASEAN Para Games because I am still new in this field”, the first thing that came out from the mind of IIUM silver medalist athlete right after winning in the 29th SEA Games recently (24 September) at Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MiTEC).

Nur Izzati Zakaria, a fourth-year student from Kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS), has successfully brought the name of Malaysia in the eyes of the world through Chess Rapid Team category B2/B3 with her teammates, Nur Feiqha Maulad Muhammad Halil and Seri Izdihar Sobri, both from Johor and also para-athletics. This sport has been contested internationally under International Blind Sports Federation (IBSF) during the ASEAN Games.

“This success belonged to Malaysia team and it was impossible without the teamwork spirit and support from people surrounding.” This was a significant quote from Nur Izzati who also thanked her family, coach, Disability Service Unit (DSU) and friends for their encouragement.

With her strong belief in Quranic verse; for Indeed, with hardship will be ease, Nur Izzati had given the best effort to compete her number one gold medalist opponent from Vietnam which has 10 years experiences in ASEAN Para Games with the high spirit of teamwork, calm and sincerely.

This success was a wake-up call for IIUM community to appreciate and respect the Muslimah athletes that have proved the comprehensive value of Islamic University to the global level through their Islamic education background and the way of life.

Chess is a highly challenging game due to its required tactics, intelligence and skills that differ from one player to another and almost every movement of chess pieces depends on the move and the strategy of the opponent. Because of that, Nur Izzati’s success on the world stage should be an icon to IIUM students, according to her junior, Siti Zulaikha Mohamad Zaki from KIRKHS.

“Chess is the game that challenges our mind and focus. With this achievement, it is shown that she had successfully beaten her opponents from other countries and should be an example to other students,” Siti Zulaikha expressed her pride and opinion.

“I feel happy and grateful on her winning and this is a pride for IIUM and Malaysia,” Siti Zulaikha added.

Her lecturer, Dr. Raudlotul Firdaus Fatah Yasin from the Kuliyyah also agreed that she is an example of a real success in this world and hereafter to IIUM.

“It is proven that she implemented the idea of Integration of Knowledge and Islamization as the mission and vision of the university,” Dr. Raudhlotul Firdaus praised her student.

Nur Izzati who has vast experiences in Chess game such as 7th IIUM Chess Invitational Tournament 2015, Inter Kuliyyah Sports Festival 2016 and Chess Tournament for Disability People Malaysia, told IIUMToday that her preparation for the Game was during the long mid-semester break and this did not disturb her responsibility as a student.

With this achievement, she hoped it could motivate her disability friends in Ibn Ummi Maktum Club (I-Mac) to put their best effort in any field, and suggested to University to give more attention to them especially their welfare throughout their studies.

“They must be exposed and have the opportunity to join various fields in order to reveal their potential to the high level because they are also our state assets in the future.”

Meanwhile, as a lecturer of Islamic Studies, Ustazah Raudlotul has expressed the following words of encouragement for IIUM students to be the role model to other students at campuses throughout Malaysia.

“Being an IIUM student is always an exemplary to others, thus you have to present the best ‘Qudwah Hasah’ in all aspects of life and must inculcate ‘Itqan’ to be truly successful of believers in both of life.”

“Always have the efforts and be patient to achieve the target and never give up,” Siti Zulaikha shared the most important lesson that she learned from her senior. ***

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