Full house at forum “From Anxiety to Tranquility”

By Maryam Spahic

GOMBAK, 10 April 2017: It was full house at the Banquet Hall, Rectory Building, International Islamic University Malaysia on Friday (7 April) during the Qur’an Hour “From Anxiety to Tranquility” forum.

The speakers for the forum were Caprice, Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu and Dr. Abderrahmane Hedjoudje.

The forum was organised by the Alumni and Global Networking Division IIUM and supported by Yayasan Warisan Ummah Ikhlas, Rumah Ngaji and Sinar Harian.

Caprice is an upbeat Malaysian rapper and businessman who has found solace in reciting the Holy Book in its truest sense. Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu is IUM’s very own lecturer who is passionate about the Qur’an and its gems. Dr. Abderrahmane is a French radiologist and globe-trotter who is an untiring advocate of Islam in his community in Paris.

The forum was attended by people from in and out of the university as well as a group of French Muslim delegates who are in Malaysia for a visit.

Caprice shared with the audience his journey from a young boy with a burning passion to chase what he wants to being a famous Malaysian rapper who has found beauty in God and His words when trying to recover from anxiety and depression.

The issues Muslims face in the West and a few suggestions on how to overcome them were topics of address by Dr. Abderrahmane, especially in areas where Muslims are the minority.

Dr. Ibrahim, on the other hand, gave a list of practical things that can be done to help reduce one’s stress; constant dhikr (remembrance of Allah), and the importance of consulting suitable people regarding one’s problems.

Before the programme was adjourned, the audience was asked to recite several verses of the holy Qur’an together as an act of solidarity.

A video of the whole forum can be found on the Facebook page of World #QuranHour.***


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